The BIGGEST, Safest, Cleanest Paint Party in the WORLD


Q: So you have a question about the paint? Well we have the answers!
A: The Paint
Our paint is certified non-toxic, biodegradable and carries the Arts and Creative Materials Institute seal. It is made in the United States, using only the highest grade materials and is subjected to rigorous testing to ensure safety standard compliance and customer satisfaction.
Our paint is a water based color solution and does NOT contain the following:
–  Tree nuts 
–  Peanuts 
–  Dairy 
–  Eggs 
–  Wheat gluten 
–  Natural rubber latex 
–  Soy 
–  Beans 

Our paint is specially ordered, certified, and designed to provide you with a safe, nontoxic and washable event. Introducing outside paint or allowing people to bring in their own has certain health and safety issues and therefore it is strictly pro- hibited. We take this seriously, so please make you sure are not allowing people to bring in outside paint to keep the event safe and fun! 

Q: What about our grass? Will it be pink?
A: Our paint does NOT damage any grass/lawn areas – though large concert crowds do have an impact on grass, we recommend turning the sprinklers off 5-7 days in advance of show date. 

Q: It rains here a lot, how can we plan for that?
A: Our event can happen RAIN or SHINE as long as we have adequate covering over the stage/DJ equipment – requested is a covering that hangs an average of 2ft over the edge on all 4 sides of the stage area. An alternate location is required in case of unsafe weather conditions; contact your Degy agent for more information. 

Q: Does it get slippery?
A: -In situations where there is hardwood, tile or other floors that are slippery when wet we lay down sand granules in an attempt to mitigate the risk of attendees slipping. These granules may be abrasive to some floors.

Q: Where can we have a Paint U?
A: Almost anywhere! BUT we do require an event space that is not carpeted in the main dance floor area, it is very expensive & labor intensive to safeguard a carpeted room – a carpeted entry/exit or hallway to bathrooms is OK. If this is your only option please reach out to your Degy Agent immediately. 

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