The BIGGEST, Safest, Cleanest Paint Party in the WORLD


Courtney @ USC - Columbia

“Students had an abslolute BLAST and I have no doubt this event left a lasting impression on our participants in the midst of a “less than” semester due to Covid! Thank you for bringing back the fun to our campus!”

MiAsia B. @ UT – Permian Basin

Your team were awesome! They kept the crowd pumped up and even made one of our students have the best birthdays ever by getting a bucket full of paint poured on him. Amazing night!! 

Lexi P. @ ETSU - Tennessee

This was a fantastic addition to our homecoming pep rally! Our programming board had a blast helping out, and our students had so much fun. 


Dj Driven Dance Party with over a thousand successful events in the college/club markets. Your attendees come out and get COVERED in gallons of washable water-based, non-toxic GLOW PAINT! Let us handle everything from setup to cleanup with our block ticket bookings! Now Booking 2021-2022!


We use our custom paint blasters & cannons to dowse guests with gallons of liquid glow in the dark, neon paint. Our party is focused on providing a one of a kind experience – from the buildup to the countdown to the big paint blast. The energy of our party cannot be replicated.

The nightly entertainment consists of 2 sectors. The Buildup: The headlining act at any event doesn’t start at doors opening. In the same sense we don’t start the paint blasting near doors opening either – this allows time for plenty of people to arrive. Typically we have our DJ build the crowd up – get them dancing, having fun and letting loose. We’ll tease the crowd with bits of paint intermittently and raise the energy of the party as the night progresses. The Paint Blast – typically about halfway through the night we begin our big intro, which involves a specific song, hype moments, and big BLAST of paint on the crowd. We dowse them with gallons and gallons of colorful, neon GLOW paint!



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Multiple Systems Available

Certified Hypoallergenic, NonToxic, Water Based Washable PAINT!

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